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Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive system based on the understanding of energy in the healing arts. I understand the body as a field of energy, working with the powerful field of life-force energy balancing and aligning  releasing tension, and energy blocks. Bringing the body back into  harmonious  flow of  nature and the universe.  Through loving touch and caring intention. I offer the entire dynamic system of movement therapy and dietary regimes for cleansing and health building.


Distant Healing Sessions

The benefits of a full Polarity Session. I use my crystals to call forth your energy system and I repair, align, and clear your system to its perfect  vibration. I offer these sessions while you are sleeping. I do these sessions early mornings. Please call 978-766-9536 to discuss.  


 Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage consists of long relaxing smooth efflurage strokes. Warming the muscle area to prepare for relaxation techniques of kneading, petrissaging, trigger points, NMT, and Myofascial. I will Provide as much or as little pressure based on clients requests.


Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue is slow, focused, and detailed work on a specific area of pain. Muscles are not just one layer, deeper layers lay underneath and sometimes need quick attention while on the table. This method will be communicated before and during. I'll remind you to breathe deeply into the pain, and exhale slowly.


Neuromuscular- NMT

NMT is a slow calming method meant to iron and smooth the fired up nerve response to tightness in the muscle allowing the layers to melt and work deeper layers. This method will be used in a session for those stubborn tight knots that trigger point doesn’t melt through.


Sports Massage

Runner, Cyclist, Walker, Pro-player etc…

This type of massage is geared towards athletes.  These techniques help athletes avoid injury, help to cool down after exertion and enhance overall performance.

Pre-event can be done up to 6 hrs of the scheduled event. This is a quick 15-20 minute session that client will remain clothed. I aim to warm the muscles and get the body ready for the physical activity.

Post-event can also be done up to 6 hrs after the event to prevent cramping, soothes minor pains, applying ice for strains. This is a slower calmer 15-25 minute session that you will remain clothed for and also a friendly reminder please keep your shoes on.



Cupping Therapy 

Cupping therapy is a traditional, time-honored practice that utilizes the techniques of negative pressure rather than tissue compression. It has been used for many years to alleviate discomfort in musculoskeletal, dermal, digestive, and psychological conditions. 

Cupping massage is a safe and non-invasive modality that uses suction cups to create decompression, rather than tissue compression. This decompression helps relieve aching muscles and joint stiffness, reduce inflammation and provide relief for many acute and chronic conditions. While some people find cupping to be a unique experience, others find it to be very enjoyable and quite relaxing. 

Cupping Massage can be beneficial in alleviating the following:

  • Pain - Caused by migraines and repetitive muscle use
  • Stress - As blood flow increases, you can experience a sense of relief and relaxation
  • Injuries - Brings healthy blood flow to the injured tissues to aid in the healing process, while also drawing toxins away from the area
  • Respiratory Issues - Using suction cups on the chest can increase blood flow and drain lymphatic fluid



Choose your scent mixed in with massage cream for a total body and mind transformation. 





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