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"My name is Thomas Nelson,31 of Danvers,MA and I have seen Naomi on three separate occasions each and every time it was amazing. She has a very clean professional space which makes you very comfortable and relaxed. She has amazing hands and puts the necessary pressure where needed. I have 2 herniated disc's in my lower back and have had trouble bending over, and after the first treatment it felt great. You don't just get a massage, she gives you plenty of exercises and other things to help you out. She was very professional and I definitely recommend you just give her a chance you will be just as amazed as I was."

Thomas Nelson, 31

Danvers, MA


Naomi gave me the best massage EVER!!! She was very professional. Hit all the right spots. Already booked my next appt.

Nancy A.

Peabody, Ma


About 2 months ago, I strained EVERY muscle in my neck/shoulders. Knowing Naomi had just finished her classes and had achieved her License, I put my trust in her to help me. It is UNREAL how fast she worked out the muscle groups that were affected, while providing a great atmosphere to relax. I was back to work in no time, and I owe it all to a FANTASTIC Massage Therapist!!!!

Pat D.

Danvers, MA


I've been seeing Naomi since September at least once a month, and she's absolutely the best massage therapist I've ever worked with. She's intuitive, friendly, and approachable, but most importantly, she's identified problem spots on my body that I didn't even know were there. I leave every week feeling as if actual progress has been made. Being a working mother, she's very laid-back and it's easy to communicate with her through email or texting- very low pressure and, like I said, approachable. This is absolutely the massage therapist I've been looking for.

Emily M.


I had a wonderful message by Naomi. The place was clean and very professional. I was in town visiting parents and was recommended to try True Balance Body Work. I have had many world class messages from NYC, LA, Vietnam, Laos, Mexico etc.. and can honestly say I was so pleased with her message and the calm energy she brought with her.  It was truly a relaxing experience. When in town next I will be booking her again. I also got my Dad a gift card for his birthday.

Alicia L.  Marina Del Rey, CA 

I had my second massage in two weeks tonight. What a difference. Last week I had a hard time even getting up on the table and just lying there was so painful. The first 2 nights after that massage I was a little sore (as anticipated - I had serious muscle issues in my back and glutes following herniated discs and I hadn't had a massage in over a year) but after that, as the muscles calmed down the pain just kept getting less and less. Tonight I was able to climb right up on that table and turn over with zero issues. I could lay flat on my back and flat on my stomach with no pain. I've been able to easily bend over to pet and put leashes on my dogs and walk up stairs without leaning to one side, gripping the railing. I've been able to sleep on my back without needing pillows under my knees, and lift the toilet lid without leaning to the right to avoid stretching that muscle. I can't even believe the relief. I wish I hadn't waited so long to make my first appointment. This is the first time in over a year that I haven't experienced pain 24/7. I also very much appreciate the way she explains how muscles work together and why the pain is referred to different areas of the body so that I can adjust some of my normal movements to improve the way the muscles function. Naomi is a miracle worker! Michele P.

Naomi gives one of the best massages ever. She is very well educated, and is able to figure out how to fix whatever problem I have....whether it is cramping in my feet, or a sore shoulder, etc. As a runner, it is also important to have someone who knows how to work out all the knots from running. An hour massage is that....a full hour.....not 45 minutes like other places. She will adjust to whatever pressure you want, and listens to what is important to you. I honestly must say that I have never found anyone who is better than her....and I have been to a lot over the years. Now I just use her.....when you have the best, why settle for anything else?

Janet L. 

Naomi is simply the best. She  has an in depth understanding of human anatomy, and it doesn't matter what issues I throw at her, she can fix them or figure out what they are and what to do. More than a massage, I feel like I am seeing a diagnostician. And in addition to all that, she gives hands down the best massage I have ever had.  I am a runner, and I rely on her to keep me in good form. Finally, she is just a really nice, down to earth person. She listens to what is important to you, and adjusts to your needs, whether you want deep tissue, or lighter. i have been to lots of massages, but after going to Naomi, she is the only one I return to, over and over again, simply because she is the best.  

Janet L 

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